What types of goods are allowed to be sold at the Columbus Farmers Market?

Goods Permitted to be Sold Columbus Farmers Market is an open market and we do not limit the number of vendors selling specific products. When approving new vendors, the Market Coordinator takes into consideration the number of current vendors already selling a similar product. All products must originate and be processed or manufactured in Indiana [...]

What are the different vendor options available?

A full-time vendor is a vendor who will attend 12 weeks or more during May, June, July, August, and September. Full time vendor single booth fees are $200.00 per season. Full-time vendor double booth fees are $300.00 per season. Full-time double booth food concession vendor fees are $350.00 per season. Fees must be paid upon [...]


Registration and Market Fees

All vendors must complete the entire online Vendor Application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for approval.  Early applications will receive priority when assigning spaces. You may amend your application at any time before or during the market by filling out a new application online. There is a maximum of two vendors per space however [...]

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