All vendors must complete the entire online Vendor Application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for approval. 

Early applications will receive priority when assigning spaces. You may amend your application at any time before or during the market by filling out a new application online.

There is a maximum of two vendors per space however both vendors must fill out an application and agree to terms of the rules and regulations.

All fees must be paid in advance in accordance with the fee structure listed below. Once an application is accepted, no refunds will be given. 


Vendor TypeFee
Full-time, single booth$200
Full-time, double booth$300
Full-time, double booth concession$350
Part-time, single booth$20/week
Part-time, double booth$40/week
Electricity in booth$75 per season
No-show fee$20 per occurrence
Trash/clean-up fee$20 per occurence

Other Fees 

Any time a vendor is unable to attend their scheduled market date(s) they must notify the Market Coordinator as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00am on the Friday before the market. Notification must be made via email to or by phone at (812) 371-1866. 

Vendors who are absent from a scheduled day at the market and did not notify the Market Coordinator will be charged a $20.00 no-show fee due before the next time the vendor participates at the market. All fees must be paid when due or the vendor will not be allowed to continue selling at the market. 

Vendors who leave any trash or cause additional clean-up at the end of the Market day will be charged a minimum $20.00 clean-up fee. 

When electricity is available there is a fee of $75.00 per season for the use of electricity (see Appendix H-Electricity) for electrical requirements. 

All fees may be paid with checks, cash or money orders. Visa and MasterCard are accepted through the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department. Any insufficient fund checks will incur a $20.00 processing fee. Any accounts outstanding for 30 days or more will be assessed a 15% per month financing charge. Vendors are responsible for any collection costs incurred by the Columbus Farmers Market in attempting to collect delinquent fees, including, but not limited to court costs and attorney fees.