The purpose of the Columbus Farmer’s Market is as follows:

1) To provide consumers a venue for them to purchase locally grown and produced foods, plants, art, and handcrafted items.
2) To provide local farmers/growers/artisans an opportunity to sell directly to the local public.
3) To provide a place for non-profit groups to educate and fundraise.
4) To accomplish this in a healthy and family-friendly manner.


The mission of the Columbus Farmer’s Market is to provide an annual seasonal event designed to bring our farm and city communities together by providing a venue that is more than just a market intended for commerce but a market that is fun, family-friendly, entertaining, healthy, and adds considerably to the quality of life of the citizens of Columbus and the surrounding area.

Operation of Market


Columbus Farmer’s Market is organized under the direction of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department. The Market Coordinator may be contacted by email or by phone at (812) 371-1866.

Regular mail may be sent to:

Columbus Farmer’s Market
P.O. Box 858
Columbus, IN 47202-0858

Columbus Farmers Market Handbook